Intentions for this Website

The desire to do something so selfish as to create an entire website revolving around myself stems from quite a few somewhat disconnected reasons.

  1. I want a place to talk about stuff that I get excited about.

  2. I want to share stories, both of outdoor adventures and of stumbling through life as a whole.

  3. I want to have the freedom to blather on about whatever I want, and not make anyone have to listen to me drone on if they don't want to! And hopefully those of you that are here are interested enough to put up with some of my ramblings!

  4. I tried to come up with a YouTube channel, a podcast, a forum, and numerous other brain crack ideas. I kept trying to come up with a name, a brand that I could fit these different topics and media formats under. I didn't want whatever it was to have my name, because I wanted it to be about the content, not me as a person. But I kept coming back to the idea that sometimes the only commonality between topics was that they were things I happened to be interested in. And having not found the perfect solution with what platform, medium or format to use, having a site of my own allows me to have a catch-all for whatever type of content I would like to create.

  5. Speaking of content creation, I do not consider myself a creative. At least, not in its common usage. When I was a little kid, the first job I ever said I wanted to do was to be an entomologist. Not exactly the makings of the artist. This trend continued, and I have always strived towards science, math, and technology. I find a strange allure in the technical. I have spent hours learning workflows to create all kinds of different content, and yet I have barely generated any original work. Do not expect my work to be earth-shattering. I assure you, it won't be. So much of this is new to me, and I am trying to make this learning process visible. It seems I tend to stay in the comfortable realm of the theoretical, and I'm working on changing that.

  6. To already contradict myself, the scientist in me is strongly juxtaposed by the philosopher in me. I expect things to jump from the nitty-gritty of technical rope systems, to waxing poetic about life and metaphor and grander meaning, to really enjoying queso, to whiny teen angst straight from the depths of tumblr. I'll let y'all debate whether the waxing poetic and the whiny teen angst is any different from each other.

  7. This seems to be becoming less of a list of reasons why I am making a website, and more a long, self-deprecating preface defending articles I haven't even written yet. Sounds about right.

  8. I want to brag! I like trying to accomplish things, and I will manufacture significance by putting them up for all of the interwebz to fawn over. But for cereal, I do actually want to put goals of mine in the public eye, to keep me accountable to them, to show the zany cobweb that might be "success", and to make things accessible to people who may otherwise only see the end result of something and assume that it is beyond them in some way. I promise you, I have been blessed with some gifts, but I am no one exceptional. Hopefully I do something cool and this paragraph doesn't end up making me look dumb.

  9. I want to add a perspective to an industry that may not have seen as many funny cat videos as I have. I'm only half joking.

  10. Personal branding! That's a thing, right? As much as I am not an artist, I am also not an entrepreneur. I have not read as many social media strategy blogs as you, and I don't know how to sell myself well. I am much more skilled than I give myself credit for. Speaking of not selling myself well, if anyone ever wants to give me money for things I am passionate about doing, I'd be totally okay with that. Basically any mountain athlete apparel/gear company, any adventure film collective, guiding service, or anything along those lines, I'm down for anything in any capacity. Heck, just buy me lunch. Just kidding, I'll work for free. Or even, I'll buy you lunch. Can I just hang out with you guys? Jokes. But really. (Guys, I totally have this job in the bag. Requests are gonna start pouring in.)

  11. Also, to anyone who would actually like to buy me food or gas (the tag team archnemeses of my wallet and rate limiting factor of adventures), I'm sure I will get a PayPal donation thingy going one of these days. There's really no reason to give me money. There is no return on your investment. But, if for some reason you take pity on me, want to live vicariously through me, or want to help me pay for college, I can promise the money will not be going to ridiculous things. I buy gas, food, and gear. And you don't even want to know how many hours of research go into whether or not it's worth it to spend the money on a piece of gear.